Ortega, Murillo and the FSLN

January 23, 2014

Ever wonder how Ortega is doing? He's been in power since 2007 and it looks like he won't be leaving anytime soon. Following is an excerpt from the SJDS Newspaper, outlining the latest opinion polls from Nicaragua. By the way, in case you weren't aware, the Chief of Police is a well-loved grandmother and by all accounts, a great leader.

 The latest popularity contest numbers are out and they show that Nicaraguans are still in love with their Police Chief and the FSLN. M&R Consultants have once again done the leg work for you by polling 16,000 Nicaraguans and have announced that First Commissioner Aminta Granera (Chief of the National Police) leads the contest with almost 80% of those polled being satisfied with her performance. First Lady Rosario Murillo (Head of Citizen and Government Communication) recorded 77.9% and President Daniel Ortega in third place with 77.7%. The same survey showed that there was a 56.9% support for the FSLN, the ruling Sandinista Party. When those 56.9% were polled individually regarding the popularity of their leaders, they placed President Daniel Ortega first with a 95.7% rating, Rosario Murillo second with 93.0% and Commissioner Aminta Granera third with 85.9%.

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