Preschool for Miravalle

Update : Project completed!

The opening celebration for the preschool was held on August 6, 2013. The NCF was represented by Chad and Cassie Phillips from Camrose, Alberta. Congratulations on a job well done, Chad and Cassie!

The Nicaragua Children’s Foundation is pleased to announce that on May 10, construction will begin on a preschool in the small town of Miravalle, Nicaragua! Chad and Cassie Phillips, with the help of others in their hometown of Camrose, Alberta, have raised over ten thousand dollars, which will be enough to build Miravalle’s first preschool. Chad and Cassie have been on several trips to San Juan del Sur, and spent some of their time there helping to repair the Ojochal preschool’s roof. Chad and Cassie will be travelling to Nicaragua to help with the preschool’s construction on May 10. Miravalle is a small rural town outside of San Juan del Sur. Currently, Miravalle has one (very small) elementary school and no preschool—the people of Miravalle are very much looking forward to this new addition to their community. Thank you, Chad, Cassie, and the residents of Camrose, Alberta! The Nicaragua Children’s Foundation will continue to provide updates on this project--please check back here for news!