Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation a registered charity in Canada?
A. Yes. We received charitable status from CRA in 2008. You can find us on the CRA Charity website at:

Q. Can I get a tax receipt?
A. Yes. We just need your name and mailing address.

Q. What if I donate through Canada Helps?
A. Yes, even better. You will receive a tax receipt immediately.

Q. How much of my donation will be spent in Nicaragua?
A. All of it. Everyone in Canada who helps our organization works as a volunteer. This includes us.

Q. If you do a fundraising challenge, such as Kilimanjaro (2013) or Antarctica (2015), how much of the money raised pays for that trip?
A. None! We pay for all costs related to the trip personally.

Q. What about administrative costs?
A. Our family (the Donovans) covers all Canadian administrative costs.

Q. What about costs like travel and accommodation?
A. Like all of our volunteers, we pay those costs personally. A tax receipt may be issued for some part of these expenses.

Q. Does the NCF have any administrative costs in Nicaragua?
A. Yes, we have an office in San Juan del Sur with two employees. The total cost for this is $350 per month. One of these employees, Veronica, is our agent who is instrumental to the success of every one of our programs. The other employee, Oliver, is a paraplegic; the NCF helped him finish a business degree at a local college. He is now responsible for running our microloan program in five communities.