Sometimes we do big projects

Sometimes we do big projects

February 15, 2015

and sometimes we do really small ones! Here is a list of what we will be working on this March :

1. The community of Genizaro received a donation of 13 computers for their school. However, they were unable to afford to pay anyone to teach the kids how to use them. The NCF has committed to paying the salary of a young man who can teach both computer skills and English.
2. The community of Cebadilla has several families without electricity and they need 600 meters of wire for the electric company. They had applied to the town of San Juan del Sur, but were turned down. The cost of the wire is 17 Cordobas per metre, which works out to less than a dollar. The whole project will cost $393.
3. Seven children in Ostional are unable to attend school because they lack shoes, school supplies and backpacks. School is free and compulsory in Nicaragua, but each child still needs to bring supplies. The NCF will cover these basic necessities.
4. Eight more children in Los Chiles and four outside Ojochal are in the same situation and we will be buying supplies and shoes for them as well. 

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