The Meat Pie Effect

The Meat Pie Effect

January 20, 2016

You have heard of Edward Lorenz's butterfly effect - how a massive storm could be connected to a butterfly flapping its wings halfway around the world. So here is a new one: the Meat Pie effect. Paulette
Antaya and her intrepid group of Ontario retirees have been fundraising for NCF projects for a number of years. When they make their annual trek to Nicaragua they help in the delivery of the NCF
programs that they have helped to fund. This year they raised over three thousand dollars that that is now being spent in Nicaragua on uniforms, school supplies and microloans.

But here is where the meat pies come in.  A couple of women from the local church attended one of Paulette's group's fundraisers. They then spoke with their woman's group which makes meat pies and
donates some of the profits to charity. They chose the NCF as the recipient this year and raised $919.55 ! That money will be used to pay for school uniforms and school supplies. So meat pies sold in
a small Ontario town , when stitched into the fabric of the universe with kindness and generosity, will change young lives 6,135 kilometres away.

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