Interested in volunteering with us?

Or maybe you are planning to travel to Nicaragua and would like to visit some of the people we work with or see some of our projects.  Some important information in the event that you are considering this: 

We get many requests! Most people who are interested in seeing our projects in person tend to have very specific requirements. Examples are: 

"I have one day available and I would really like to work with children."

"My three children and I would like to spend two hours at your orphanage." *

We recently received a very different request. This one caught our attention! It was from someone who really seemed to understand the needs of a small international charity. The writer asked if he could visit some of our communities where we work. What stood out in this request was the offer to provide a statement from his own country indicating that he was authorized to work with children and vulnerable adults. Here in Canada, we have a "Criminal Records Check" which most people have to obtain in order to work with children. Nicaragua is no different; anyone who wants to work with children has to be pre-screened. We require this of all of our volunteers or visitors. 

Also, please consider the time you are taking away from our agent. Is there something you could do? Something you could bring? 

We welcome visitors but we will be much more amenable to your request if you are authorized to work with children and if you are going to do something to help the NCF! 

*(Please note! We do NOT have an orphanage!) 

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