This is a summary of the recipients of the microloan program in the small community of Fatima.This chart gives the names of the recipients, the amounts (in Nicaraguan cordobas) and the business that the loan is supporting. If you would be interested in having us translate this, let us know by contacting us at oolichan@shaw.ca.

Community of Miravalle

Microloan Summary 16 april 2015.pdf

Our microloan program has been a great success! The loans are in the range of $80-150 and are meant for women with families. The loans are interest-free, but each participant pays a nominal fee of about $4 when they have paid off their loan. And they do pay them off, sometimes much more quickly than necessary! The loans have a repayment rate of over 95%.We started with one small community and have expanded to include four more, all in rural areas. Many loans are for agricultural projects, such as raising a flock of chicks and selling eggs. Other loans are for women who buy items in the large city centres to re-sell in smaller areas. We even have one woman who buys cold drinks in San Juan del Sur to sell in her own community. If you are interested in taking part in this very successful program, please let us know.

Oliver, manager of the microloan program