New Classroom for San Francisco de Asis

A New Classroom for San Francisco de Asis (Project completed in December 2011).

What difference will a new classroom make to the children of San Francisco de Asis, you ask? This is a question we asked our agent, Veronica, as we discussed final preparations to the building. Here is what she said:
"The kids are really crowded right now. My son, Alvarito, is in a classroom with 21 grade five students in what used to be the Principal's office. It's much harder to learn when you are so crowded together like that. It's hot and having other kids so close is really distracting. The new classroom will be big enough to house two full classes". 

Click on the following link to see the article, "Impact of Inadequate School Facilities on Learning" from the Dept. of Education, U.S. Government.

This article discusses the issues of overcrowding, stating: Crowded classroom conditions not only make it difficult for students to concentrate on their lessons, but inevitably limit the amount of time teachers can spend on innovative teaching methods such as cooperative learning and group work or, indeed on teaching anything beyond the barest minimum of required material. In addition, because teachers must constantly struggle simply to maintain order in an overcrowded classroom, the likelihood increases that they will suffer from burnout earlier than might otherwise be the case.