Our Partners

 Kindness in Action

Everyone loves to hate dentists, until they need one!

Although we always talk about how much we hate going to the dentist, everyone knows that the alternative would be a lot worse! Who would want to be in a position to not be able to see a dentist, especially if there is a problem? Most people in rural Nicaragua seldom have enough money to get their teeth taken care of regularly. In addition, it is often very difficult to get into a larger centre to visit a dentist. And while many brigades of dentists from Canada and the Unites States do come to San Juan del Sur, they never make it out to areas like Ojochal. However, the NCF has been lucky enough to secure a partnership with a group of Alberta dentists/assistants called Kindness in Action! This wonderful group of people have agreed to spend two weeks in March 2013 to set up temporary dental clinics in the small farming communities outside San Juan del Sur, where they will clean and fill teeth, do extractions when necessary and provide dental education to the children. They will be working very hard, and in conditions that are far from ideal, to provide dental health to the adults and children of these five communities.

Thank you, Kindness in Action!

 Nicaragua Schools Project Society

We are very excited to announce some new partnerships we've been working on lately! The first is the Nicaragua School Project Society.This very worthwhile organization was founded by Kathryn Moncur from Victoria, B.C. and is based in Granada, Nicaragua. Their purpose is to supply students at the Jose De La Cruz Mena school in El Pantanal, Nicaragua. Please check out their fantastic website when you have a chance!


World Vets

One thing you can't help noticing when you are in rural Nicaragua is the number of animals clearly in need of veterinary care. These animals come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily for us, we discovered World Vets. We had heard of Katie Horn, who works for World Vets, from our agent, Veronica Castro. Like us, Katie was a former student of Veronica's SJDS Spanish School. When we contacted her, she was eager to help the animals in the rural areas where we work. She set up a mission in May, 2011 and it was such a success that another mission was completed in May, 2012. World Vets plans to return again in 2013.

San Juan del Sur Spanish School

If you do get to Nicaragua, you will quickly discover just how important it is to know a little Spanish!  . In San Juan del Sur, the best place we know of improve your knowledge of this beautiful language is Veronica Castro's SJDS Spanish School!  Here is a link to their website:


Charity Village

This is a link to Charity Village, very useful if you need advice or information on how to run a nonprofit organization.